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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

• Helen writes to Margaret from Howards End, where she is visiting the Wilcox family.

• Helen falls in love with Paul Wilcox, but then quickly decides it is a mistake.

• Margaret and Aunt Juley decide that Aunt Juley will go to Helen at Howards End to find out about the affair.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

• Aunt Juley takes the train north from London to go meet Helen at Howards End.

• At the station, Aunt Juley meets one of the Wilcoxes, who offers to drive her up to Howards End.

• Aunt Juley mistakes Charles for Paul Wilcox and discusses Helen with him, getting into an argument.

• Arriving at Howards End, Charles and Aunt Juley find out from Mrs. Wilcox that the lovers have already ended their affair.

• Back in London, Margaret and Helen discuss the Wilcox affair and conclude that personal relationships are more important to the Schlegels than to...

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