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Short Answer Questions

1. Slavenka sees what as the only outcome of war?

2. In "How We Survived Communism", why did Vesna's mother prevent her from throwing stockings away?

3. What continued to surprise Slavenka as she lived in the United States?

4. In Communist countries, who provided for the poor?

5. Under Communism, Slavenka knew Croatia would never what?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "How We Survived Communism", why did Vesna's mother want her to save a ripped stocking?

2. What items had Vesna's mother been known to collect?

3. In "Some Doubt about Fur Coats", why did Slavenka feel guilty about wearing a fur coat?

4. Why did Slavenka feel right-wing after her speech in "A Letter from the United States..."?

5. Why did charity not exist under socialism?

6. On the eighth day of the Gulf War, what happened that affected Slavenka?

7. Why did Slavenka hold up sanitary napkins and tampons during a speech?

8. How did Slavenka define the "communist eye"?

9. What happened to the new facade in Budapest?

10. According to Slavenka, what was the effect of Communism on her country?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many of the products and services Slavenka was raised with were poor quality, as they were managed by the state. Write an essay examining the cause and effect of communism on one of the following state run organizations:

1) The post office.

2) The phone company.

3) The appliance industry.

Essay Topic 2

Slavenka and her daughter were raised in two different cultures. Write an essay comparing and contrasting their similarities and differences.

Essay Topic 3

After being raised in a Communist country, Slavenka eventually moved to the United States to live. Citing examples from the text, compare and contrast the lifestyle Slavenka had in the U.S. versus her life under Communist rule.

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