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Short Answer Questions

1. What surprising item did Slavenka hold up, while speaking on the "velvet revolution"?

2. In "A Communist Eye...", who was Slavenka startled to see living on the street?

3. In "The Day When They Say That War Will Begin", how did Slavenka feel about the idea of war?

4. What was the condition of feminism in Eastern Europe, following the fall of Communism?

5. What did Castro claim hurt the environment?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Slavenka was raised to be an atheist. Examine her relationship with religion before and after Communist rule.

Essay Topic 2

When Slavenka visited America, she was disgusted to see the "natural look" glamorized in fashion magazines. Write an essay examining the idea of beauty during Communist times and how freedom affected Slavenka's personal appreciation for make-up and individuality.

Essay Topic 3

Symbolism is a literary method of using an object in a narrative to represent a higher ideal. Choose from one of the following symbols that appear in "How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed" and examine its purpose in the story.

1) Soup.

2) Golub.

3) The Censor.

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