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Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Day When They Say That War Will Begin", Slavenka was concerned that the decree from the new Croatian president would cause what?

2. What was unique about the midnight mass Slavenka attended with her mother?

3. Who was in charge of renewing Zagreb?

4. Where was Evelina from?

5. During her speech in "A Letter from the United States...", Slavenka says communism failed due to a lack of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Some Doubt about Fur Coats", why did Slavenka feel guilty about wearing a fur coat?

2. In "Some Doubt about Fur Coats", what happened to a girl wearing a mink coat in Beograd?

3. In "The Day They Say That War Will Begin", why were the shelves in many stores bare?

4. What was the reaction of the audience to Slavenka's speech on the state of women after the "velvet revolution"?

5. Why was Slavenka concerned at the rapid rate at which the European cities freed from Communism were remodeled?

6. What items had Vesna's mother been known to collect?

7. What did Slavenka suspect about the homeless in New York?

8. According to Castro, why did he attempt to limit automobiles to less than one per person?

9. According to Slavenka, what was the effect of Communism on her country?

10. In "How We Survived Communism", why did Vesna's mother want her to save a ripped stocking?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Although Slavenka was somewhat of an environmentalist, she balked at government control in this area. Write an essay examining her stance on the government's involvement in the environment. Analyze why she feels the way she does about the topic, citing examples from the text.

Essay Topic 2

When Slavenka was growing up, Communism was the only life she knew When it fell she was optimistic but afraid.

1) For Slavenka, what was it like living under Communism rule?

2) How did her life change when Communism falls?

3) How did Eastern Europe change, following the fall?

Essay Topic 3

Due to Slavenka's work as a journalist, the state assigned her a Censor. Write an essay examining:

1) The nature of Slavenka's work.

2) The purpose of the Censor.

3) Whether or not the Censor affected Slavenka's work.

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