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Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Slavenka's father make peace with, prior to his death?

2. What was Slavenka's mother able to recite at the midnight mass?

3. What type of people heard Slavenka's speech on the "velvet revolution"?

4. What surprising item did Slavenka hold up, while speaking on the "velvet revolution"?

5. In "How We Survived Communism", what useless item did Vesna's mother spend time washing?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

After being raised in a Communist country, Slavenka eventually moved to the United States to live. Citing examples from the text, compare and contrast the lifestyle Slavenka had in the U.S. versus her life under Communist rule.

Essay Topic 2

Freedom of speech or expression was not allowed under Communist rule. Examine how the people in Slavenka's life were affected by this mandate.

Essay Topic 3

Many of the products and services Slavenka was raised with were poor quality, as they were managed by the state. Write an essay examining the cause and effect of communism on one of the following state run organizations:

1) The post office.

2) The phone company.

3) The appliance industry.

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