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Short Answer Questions

1. Time magazine reported that Eastern European women did what the same as they had fifty years ago?

2. What did America represent to Slavenka?

3. What brand of toilet paper did Slavenka use as a child?

4. Under Communist rule, who supported the young and unemployed?

5. Evelina worked as a what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the living conditions for those living under communist rule?

2. Why were the people of the former communistic society surprised when they were allowed to own things?

3. Why was it considered luxurious not to eat, following the fall of Communism?

4. Why did Tanja kill herself?

5. Why did Slavanka think of her old doll while shopping in Poles?

6. Why did Slavenka have such a difficult time paying her phone bill?

7. Why was Slavenka upset when her daughter asked for a Barbie?

8. Why was Slavenka disappointed after the fall of Communism?

9. Why did Slavenka have to learn of Ulrike's past from a friend rather than Ulrike?

10. Why did the Communists prevent women from wearing make-up?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Slavenka and her daughter were raised in two different cultures. Write an essay comparing and contrasting their similarities and differences.

Essay Topic 2

Freedom of speech or expression was not allowed under Communist rule. Examine how the people in Slavenka's life were affected by this mandate.

Essay Topic 3

After Communism fell, basic items such as food became abundant in both variety and availability. In what interesting ways did this abundant lifestyle affect the people of Eastern Europe?

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