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Charles Yu
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What refers to the final, utmost, or furthest boundary or point as to extent, amount, continuance, procedure, etc.?
(a) Apex.
(b) Territory.
(c) Edge.
(d) Limit.

2. What refers to that having existed in, or having occurred during a time previous to the present?
(a) Beforehand.
(b) Past.
(c) Memory.
(d) Ancient.

3. What refers to that which is concerned with abstract thought or subjects, as existence, causality, or truth?
(a) Geological.
(b) Science.
(c) Psychological.
(d) Metaphysical.

4. In Chapter 18, Charles cannot see why he should not just jump forward in time, to when what is finished?
(a) His life.
(b) Ed's life.
(c) The book.
(d) Time.

5. Where does the groove in the side of the book open to in Chapter 28?
(a) Page 156.
(b) Page 43.
(c) Page 325.
(d) Page 201.

Short Answer Questions

1. Charles's father is how old at the start of Chapter 25?

2. A book excerpt,"TM-31 calibration protocol," concludes that a time machine can only go where?

3. What date does the wall calendar show in the scene of the kitchen in Charles's boyhood home in Chapter 28?

4. In Chapter 23, TAMMY begins to cry, but Ed does what which makes her laugh?

5. At Charles's request in Chapter 27, TAMMY calculates the probability of the occurrence discussed as once every how many years?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Charles discover in the book in Chapter 28?

2. How are self-reflection and self improvement symbolized in Chapter 21?

3. What theory is described in the excerpt called "decoherence and wave function collapse"?

4. How is Charles's book from the future metaphorical for memory?

5. What is metaphorical about Charles's and his father's discovery about time travel in Chapter 22?

6. What is described in the excerpt "TM-31 calibration protocol"? How is this metaphorical?

7. What is symbolized by Charles and his father being unable to land the machine in Chapter 22?

8. Against whose advice does Charles jump to the end of the book in Chapter 18? Why?

9. What is symbolized by Charles's father's second machine described in Chapter 26?

10. What is metaphorical about Charles's discoveries in Chapter 28?

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