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Lesson 1 (from Pages 1 - 57)


At the beginning of "How Late it Was, How Late", the struggles of the main character are introduced. A violent man with a tendency to drink too much, Sammy is taken to jail within the first several pages of the novel. The purpose of this lesson is to help the reader analyze the character, Sammy, in "How Late it Was, How Late".


1. Class discussion: What is Sammy doing when he is first introduced? What is he confused about? What state is he in? Why does Sammy attack the group of policemen? What is the result of this attack?

2. Group activity: Divide the class into pairs. Have each group answer the following questions, citing examples from the text. 1. Why did Sammy go to prison in the past? What is his relationship to the idea of prison in the present? 2. What is Sammy's relationship with Helen? What...

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