How Late It Was, How Late Character Descriptions

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'Sammy' Samuels

This country music fan seems to attract trouble.

Helen McGilvaray

This popular barkeep disappears.


This wrongful injury representative is very persuasive.

Charlie Barr

This suspected terrorist has become less political over the years.

Jackie Milligan

This criminal hails from Liverpool.

Tam Roberts

This Glasgow criminal works at the market and deals in stolen goods.

The Leg

This criminal is quick to give the police information about a suspected terrorist.


This elderly smoker is friendly with neighbors.


Aggressive and suspicious, this character occasionally bullies others.

Sammy's father

This miserly socialist became senile.

Sammy's first wife

Sulky and spoiled, this character got a divorce at a young age.


This youth is loyal to family.


This photographer helps with an escape.

Preliminary Officer (DSS Central Medical)

This football fan does not listen well.

IMO (DSS Central Medical)

This stylish benefits worker is quick to...

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