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• Sammy wakes from a blackout on Sunday morning.

• Mistaking policemen for tourists, Sammy approaches them and asks for money.

• The police refuse to help Sammy.

• Sammy punches a police officer and runs away.

• The police chase him and beat him up, prior to taking him to jail.

• Sammy wakes up in a jail cell, bruised from the beating and exhausted.

• Sammy once again falls asleep, only to wake up blind.

• After demanding to see a doctor, Sammy is kept in jail.

• Sammy remembers his drinking binge started due to a fight with his girlfriend, Helen.

• Helen does not approve of Sammy dealing in stolen goods, as he has been in prison in the past.

• Sammy thinks about the deaths he has seen in his life, including a drinking buddy and cellmate.

• Sammy is released from jail.

• Blind, Sammy fumbles his way back to his home at...

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