How It Went Down Character Descriptions

Kekla Magoon
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Tariq Johnson (T)

This young character is shot and killed on Peach Street. Much of the action of the novel is centered around this character's death.


This character witnesses the shooting of the main character and gives him CPR. This character is haunted by the death of the central character throughout the novel.

Brian Trellis

This white character sees a shop owner come out of his shop calling after the main character who is murdered, and, thinking the young man has stolen something, tries to stop the young man in the street right before the young man's murder.


This character, who is in a romantic relationship with a female character, is a member of the Kings gang and harbors animosity towards the murdered young character, even after his death.


This character, a member of the Kings gang, witnesses the shooting and runs away immediately afterward, experiencing...

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