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Meg Rosoff
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 18-21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Daisy say she gagged when she ate that food?
(a) It's too greasy.
(b) She found out the dog had licked it.
(c) She crammed too much in her mouth.
(d) It tastes like pig.

2. What does Daisy say is the worst part of their daily trips?
(a) Fearing they'll be attacked on the road.
(b) Hearing the theories of what's going on.
(c) Fearing Aunt Penn won't ever come home.
(d) Fearing the house will burn down.

3. What is the sound Daisy can hear as she falls asleep in Piper's bed their first night at the McEvoy's house?
(a) Crickets chirping.
(b) Ducks quacking.
(c) Jet's breathing.
(d) Dogs barking.

4. What document do the men ask for from Daisy?
(a) Her social security card.
(b) Her birth certificate.
(c) Her drivers license.
(d) Her passport.

5. Where do the children go each day?
(a) To a neighbor's house to watch news on television.
(b) To the police station in search of news.
(c) To the village.
(d) To the train station in case Aunt Penn comes home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Daisy say is the thing that "mostly" changes everything?

2. What is "scooting around" the yard behind a bunch of ducks?

3. What does Daisy say was the first thing that goes wrong after Aunt Penn leaves?

4. Who usually milks the goats?

5. What is the nickname Daisy has for her stepmother?

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