How Green Was My Valley Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How is the village portrayed in Chapter 1?

The village is portrayed as idyllic and as a place where men work hard, and the women work hard to serve them. Everyone is healthy because of good food and exercise.

2. What is Huw doing at the beginning of the novel (as an adult)?

At the beginning of the novel, Huw is preparing to leave the valley, and he wraps his mother's blue cloth around his clothing. He talks about how his parents met and fell in love.

3. Describe how Beth and Gwilym met.

Beth and Gwilym met when she was 16 and he was 20, and they fell in love at first sight during a harsh winter.

4. Who does Huw love and for how long?

Huw loves Bronwen, and he has loved her since he was a child.

5. Describe the wedding in Chapter 2.

Ivor marries Bronwen in Chapter 2, and Huw is very impressed with everyone's beautiful dress. Everyone has an enjoyable time.

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