Daily Lessons for Teaching How Green Was My Valley

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One)


In Chapter 1, Huw prepares to leave his valley. He reminisces about his village and portrays it as idyllic. This lesson will focus on the setting in Chapter 1 of "How Green Was My Valley".


1). Warm-up: Write some of the traits of the setting on the blackboard. Each student will say something about one of the traits written on the board. For example, one trait is coal-mining community, and the student can say that Huw's father and brothers worked in the colliery.

2). Class Discussion: Describe the setting. How does the setting influence Huw in the present, and how has the setting influenced Huw in the past as he reminisces?

3). Writing Activity: Choose a passage from Chapter 1 that best describes the setting. How does Huw view the setting in context of this passage's description?

4). Homework: Write a journal entry on the title of the novel, "How Green Was...

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