How Green Was My Valley Fun Activities

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Movie Trailer

Pretend that this novel was being made into a movie, and create a trailer to give the audience a sample.


Choose a few scenes or chapters from "How Green Was My Valley" to create a play from. It must be written out in a script format.


Collect all the journal entries completed during the unit of "How Green Was My Valley" and bind them with a cover. the cover also serves as a collage, which may be drawn, pasted with pictures, etc. It should reflect themes, things, or characters from the novel. Be creative.

Movie Poster

Create a movie poster for "How Green Was My Valley" through drawings or pictures, etc.


Take photographs of anything that reflects the themes, characters, or events of "How Green Was My Valley". Take at least 10 photographs, and present them on a poster. Be creative!


Record a...

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