How Green Was My Valley Character Descriptions

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Huw Morgan

This character is an intelligent, well-spoken Welsh man who remembers with clarity the beauty, simplicity and warmth of his childhood passages and events.

Gwilym and Beth Morgan

These characters are a couple--one is a stern and sometimes gruff Christian man, who loves his family and God above all else. The other is a forthright, capable, strong and deeply caring person whose devotion to her family is her primary focus.

Bronwen Morgan

This character is a beautiful and kind person, who helps with another character from the time he is little, teaching him, pampering him, mothering him and treating him like a small prince.

Merddyn Gruffydd

This character's appearance in the valley represents a spiritual anchor for people who are troubled with the uncertainty of the mining industry and their future.

Ianto, Ivor, Davy, Owen and Gwilym Morgan

These characters are the older brothers of the main...

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