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Chapter One

• Huw is preparing to leave his valley, using his mother's blue cloth to wrap around his clothes.

• He hasn't told Olwen that he is leaving.

• His mother met his father when she was 16 and he was 20, and they fell in love at first sight.

• His father worked hard, earning real gold, and he rented his home for 20 years before buying it.

• The family always lived on a steep hill that overlooked the valley where miners walk home each day to their hand-made stone houses.
• Huw's mother and father, Gwilym, decide on how to use the family box that is filled with gold. They go to rugby matches and choir competitions.

• Ivor is gifted with a beautiful voice.

• Huw has loved Bronwen, his sister-in-law, since childhood, and he remembers her father coming to meet them, and he remembers Ivor walking miles to visit her.

Chapter Two

• Huw...

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