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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Grace Stepney angry about the party?
(a) She is not allowed to help plan the party.
(b) The party is on the same night as another social engagement.
(c) She has nothing suitable to wear to the party.
(d) She is not invited to the party.

2. What does Gerty Farish tell Lily about Percy Gryce?
(a) Percy is planning on proposing to Gerty.
(b) Percy lost his fortune and is penniless.
(c) Percy is planning on proposing to Lily.
(d) Percy is interested in Miss Van Osburgh.

3. What is the result of Lily's activities the first night of the party?
(a) She gambles and loses most of her money.
(b) She finds the man she wishes to marry.
(c) She is banished from the party for cheating.
(d) She repeats a hurtful rumor.

4. What does Lily realize as she chats with Gus Trenor on the way home from the train station?
(a) She is attracted to Gus Trenor.
(b) Gus Trenor can speak to Percy Gryce for her.
(c) Gus Trenor is attracted to her.
(d) He can help her with her money problems.

5. When do the events of chapter 14, book 1, begin?
(a) The same morning that Lily awakens to find two notes at her bedside.
(b) A week after Lily's argument with Gus Trenor.
(c) The morning of the party.
(d) The night after Lily's argument with Gus Trenor.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lily view the results of her activities the first night of the party?

2. In book 1, chapter 8, how does Mrs. Trenor feel about the friendship between Lily and Gus?

3. While Lily and Lawrence Selden are walking together, what does he tell Lily about his idea of success?

4. Who is Mrs. Judy Trenor?

5. What do Lily and Lawrence Selden discover as they walk together on Sunday afternoon?

Short Essay Questions

1. In book 1, chapter 13, how does Lily feel when Gus Trenor reveals his true intentions toward her?

2. In book 1, chapter 4, how does the author use the gossip of Judy Trenor?

3. Why doesn't Lily use the letters she acquired from Mrs. Haffen to get back at Bertha Dorset?

4. Why does Lily believe it would be better to marry Simon Rosedale instead of George Dorset?

5. In book 2, chapter 3, how does Lily show her characteristic poor judgment in her friendship with men, namely George Dorset?

6. What does Lily believe Gerty Farish will provide for her when she goes to Gerty's apartment after she argues with Gus Trenor?

7. In book 2, chapter 10, what is Lily's outlook on life now that she no longer has her social status?

8. In book 1, chapter 6, what does Lawrence Selden warn Lily about regarding her goals?

9. What is Lily's goal in life?

10. Why does Mrs. Haffen, Lawrence Selden's cleaning lady, think that Lily would want the letters she found while cleaning Lawrence Selden's apartment?

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