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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In book 1, chapter 12, why does Gus Trenor criticize Lily after her participation in the party entertainment?
(a) For risking money playing bridge at the party.
(b) For showing too much of her body at the party.
(c) For attending the tasteless party.
(d) For speaking to too many other men at the party.

2. When does Lily run into Simon Rosedale?
(a) As she is leaving Lawrence Selden's apartment building after having tea.
(b) While she is waiting at the train station.
(c) After visiting her dressmaker.
(d) While taking a walk in the park with Lawrence Selden.

3. What does Mrs. Trenor tell Lily after Bertha Dorset talks to Percy Gryce about her?
(a) Mrs. Trenor tells Lily to ignore Bertha Dorset.
(b) Mrs. Trenor tells Lily to confront Bertha Dorset.
(c) Mrs. Trenor tells Lily to forget about Percy Gryce.
(d) Mrs. Trenor tells Lily what Bertha Dorset said about her.

4. Why is Lily Bart waiting for a train when she is first introduced in the book?
(a) She is waiting for an old friend.
(b) She is going to a social engagement.
(c) She is going to work.
(d) She is going on vacation.

5. In book 1, chapter 8, how does Mrs. Trenor feel about the friendship between Lily and Gus?
(a) Suspicious.
(b) Envious.
(c) Delighted.
(d) Relieved.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Lily and Lawrence Selden discover as they walk together on Sunday afternoon?

2. Where does Lily acquire the knowledge to discuss Percy's hobby?

3. What is Gerty's financial situation at the beginning of the story?

4. When Lily arrives at the Trenor house, what does Gus Trenor first tell Lily about Mrs. Trenor?

5. What does the note that Lily finds next to her bedside from Judy Trenor say ?

Short Essay Questions

1. In book 1, chapter 13, how does Lily feel when Gus Trenor reveals his true intentions toward her?

2. How does Lily deceive herself regarding her motives toward Percy Gryce and Lawrence Selden?

3. Explain Lily's dilemma regarding Lawrence Selden and Simon Rosedale.

4. In book 1, chapter 4, how does the author use the gossip of Judy Trenor?

5. In book 2, chapter 7, what is Simon Rosedale's explanation to Lily for his refusal to marry her?

6. Why does Lily believe it would be better to marry Simon Rosedale instead of George Dorset?

7. Explain Lawrence Selden's idea of success.

8. Compare Lawrence Selden's feelings about women with Lily's feelings about women.

9. In book 1, chapter 10, why does Lily donate money to the charity Gerty Farish tells her about?

10. After Bertha has betrays Lily, how does Lawrence Selden feel toward Lily?

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