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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lily spend the first night of the party at Bellomont?
(a) Playing bridge.
(b) Searching for eligible bachelors.
(c) Gossiping.
(d) Playing poker.

2. Why does Lawrence Selden call Lily a coward during their walk?
(a) She won't tell Bertha Dorset what she really thinks of her.
(b) She lied to Percy about having a headache.
(c) She says it would be risky for her to marry him.
(d) She is afraid to ask Gus Trenor for a loan.

3. How does Lily feel when she learns that Gus Trenor told Simon Rosedale about their financial arrangement?
(a) Relieved.
(b) Betrayed.
(c) Grateful.
(d) Suspicious.

4. How does Lily acquire letters found by Mrs. Haffen, Lawrence Selden's cleaning lady?
(a) Mrs. Haffen leaves them outside Lily's door.
(b) Mrs. Haffen sells the letters to Lily.
(c) After Mrs. Haffen finds them, she gives them to Lawrence Selden, who gives them to Lily.
(d) Lily finds them in Mrs. Haffen's cleaning supplies.

5. Who is Gerty Farish?
(a) Lily's cousin.
(b) Lawrence Selden's married sister.
(c) Lily's best friend.
(d) Lawrence Selden's cousin.

6. What does Grace Stepney do in her anger about the party?
(a) Demands an invitation.
(b) Sabotages the party.
(c) Seeks revenge on Lily.
(d) Spends a great deal of money for a party dress.

7. What happens to Simon Rosedale's fortune as the stock market drops?
(a) It grows.
(b) He loses everything.
(c) His stock portfolio is cut in half.
(d) He breaks even.

8. What does nouveau riche mean?
(a) Rich food.
(b) A novel about rich people.
(c) New money.
(d) A novel about money.

9. How does Lily feel when she sees Lawrence Selden at her cousin's wedding?
(a) Unaffected.
(b) Suspicious.
(c) Relieved.
(d) Excited.

10. Why is Lily Bart waiting for a train when she is first introduced in the book?
(a) She is going to a social engagement.
(b) She is waiting for an old friend.
(c) She is going on vacation.
(d) She is going to work.

11. In book 1, chapter 6, what does Lily admit to Lawrence Selden about Percy Gryce as they walk together on Sunday afternoon ?
(a) She admits that she proposed to Percy.
(b) She admits that she knows Percy feels nothing for her.
(c) She admits that Percy told her to stop smoking or he won't marry her.
(d) Their walk was to entice Percy.

12. What is Lily's reaction when Lawrence suggests that they have tea at a popular cafe near the train station while Lily waits for her train?
(a) She declines his invitation because she is afraid she will miss her train.
(b) She says she prefers a less popular location.
(c) She becomes nervous and agitated.
(d) She immediately agrees.

13. While Lily and Lawrence Selden are walking together, what does he tell Lily about his idea of success?
(a) Success is the ability to purchase anything one desires.
(b) Success is attaining all the goals one has set out to achieve.
(c) Success is doing well in the stock market.
(d) Success is freedom from materialism.

14. Who is Mrs. Judy Trenor?
(a) Lily's rival for Percy Gryce.
(b) The hostess of the party at Bellomont.
(c) Lily's aunt, with whom she resides.
(d) A party guest at the top of Lily's social circle.

15. Why is Lily envious of Mrs. Bertha Dorset's flirting with Percy Gryce at the party?
(a) Lily envies Mrs. Dorset because she is attracted to Mrs. Dorset's husband.
(b) She envies the freedom of a married woman to get and discard a man without repercussions.
(c) She envies the attention Percy Gryce is giving to Mrs. Dorset.
(d) She envies Mrs. Dorset's freedom from worry about finances.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Lily angry with herself following the meeting with Simon Rosedale as she was leaving Lawrence Selden's apartment building?

2. In book 1, chapter 12, why does Lawrence Selden congratulate Lily after her participation in the party entertainment ?

3. What hobby of Percy Gryce's does Lily discuss with him while on the train to the party at Bellomont?

4. Whom did the hostess of the party promise Mrs. George Dorset would be at the party?

5. What does Lily realize when she discovers that Mrs. Trenor is actually at Bellomont?

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