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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Mrs. Gormer's attitude change toward Lily?
(a) When Mrs. Gormer discovers Lily asked George Dorset to come to their house.
(b) When Lily forgets to send a party invitation to an important member of their social circle.
(c) When Lily announces she is returning to New York City.
(d) After Bertha Dorset speaks with Mrs. Gormer.

2. What happens while Lily is deep in thought on Sunday morning before church?
(a) She misses spending time with Lawrence Selden and Bertha Dorset.
(b) She misses the bus to church.
(c) She is late for breakfast, risking her social standing.
(d) She misses Gus Trenor whom she wanted to ask for a loan.

3. In book 2, chapter 9, what does Lawrence Selden want Lily to do regarding her new position and living situation?
(a) Quit and marry him.
(b) Continue the work and keep her current living arrangements.
(c) Continue the work and move to a more desirable location.
(d) Quit and move in with Gerty Farish.

4. In book 1, chapter 5, what is Lily's initial motive for going outside after leaving the library on Sunday afternoon?
(a) Catching up with her high-ranking friends in her social circle.
(b) Getting fresh air to get rid of her headache.
(c) To complete a chore for Mrs. Trenor.
(d) To walk to church to meet Percy Gryce on his way home from church.

5. In book 1, chapter 7, who meets Lily when she returns from her walk with Lawrence Selden ?
(a) Bertha Dorset.
(b) Percy Gryce.
(c) Lawrence Selden.
(d) Mrs. Trenor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Grace Stepney angry about the party?

2. What is the emotional atmosphere on the yacht when rumors of Bertha and Ned Silverton, and Lily and George are have spread?

3. What is Lily's plan for Percy Gryce whom she meets while on the train to Bellomont?

4. In book 2, chapter 7, how does Lily feel when Simon Rosedale explains why he refuses to marry her?

5. What is Lily's alternative to her new position?

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