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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gerty's financial situation at the beginning of the story?
(a) She is an heiress, independently wealthy.
(b) She lives with an aunt who finances her extravagant lifestyle.
(c) She is poor and has to work to support her meager lifestyle.
(d) She is homeless, having lost everything to a conniving ex-fiance.

2. How does Lily acquire letters found by Mrs. Haffen, Lawrence Selden's cleaning lady?
(a) After Mrs. Haffen finds them, she gives them to Lawrence Selden, who gives them to Lily.
(b) Lily finds them in Mrs. Haffen's cleaning supplies.
(c) Mrs. Haffen sells the letters to Lily.
(d) Mrs. Haffen leaves them outside Lily's door.

3. What causes Lily's insomnia?
(a) She worries about her debt to Gus Trenor.
(b) She is worried about Bertha Dorset.
(c) Her surroundings are noisy.
(d) The women at her job have threatened her life.

4. In book 1, chapter 1, what concerns Lawrence Selden and Lord Hubert Dacey about Lily?
(a) Her travel plans.
(b) Her moral health.
(c) Her future husband.
(d) Her financial situation.

5. In book 1, chapter 12, why does Gus Trenor criticize Lily after her participation in the party entertainment?
(a) For showing too much of her body at the party.
(b) For attending the tasteless party.
(c) For risking money playing bridge at the party.
(d) For speaking to too many other men at the party.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who convinces Lily to marry Simon Rosedale?

2. What does Mrs. Trenor ask Lily to do in book 1, chapter 4?

3. In book 1, chapter 9, what is happening at the place Lily goes after her cousin's wedding?

4. Why is Lily angry with herself following the meeting with Simon Rosedale as she was leaving Lawrence Selden's apartment building?

5. What does George Dorset ask Lily to do while at the Gormers?

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