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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gus Trenor want Lily to do now that he is a successful investor?
(a) He wants Lily to give him more money.
(b) He wants Lily to work for him as his secretary.
(c) He wants Lily to tell Mrs. Trenor that he wants a divorce.
(d) He wants Lily to spend more time with him.

2. In book 1, chapter 15, how does Lily respond to Simon Rosedale's marriage proposal ?
(a) She laughs at him.
(b) She immediately accepts it.
(c) She flatly refuses.
(d) She asks for time to think about it.

3. In book 2, chapter 8, what does Lawrence Selden find when he goes to see Lily at her hotel?
(a) Lily is gone.
(b) A large group of friends from Lily's new social circle is visiting her.
(c) Lily attempted suicide.
(d) George Dorset is visiting Lily.

4. Who is Gerty Farish?
(a) Lily's cousin.
(b) Lawrence Selden's cousin.
(c) Lawrence Selden's married sister.
(d) Lily's best friend.

5. How does Lily react to Bertha's betrayal of her at the dinner party ?
(a) She calmly asks Lawrence Selden to walk with her to her cab.
(b) She bursts into tears and flees the party.
(c) She attempts to defend herself.
(d) She laughs at Bertha's feeble attempt to blame Lily for her problems.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lily's reaction when Lawrence suggests that they have tea at a popular cafe near the train station while Lily waits for her train?

2. What is Lily concerned about when she wakes up at Gerty's the morning after her argument with Gus Trenor?

3. Out of fear for her safety from Bertha Dorset, what does Lawrence Selden want Lily to do ?

4. What happens to Simon Rosedale's fortune as the stock market drops?

5. What does Grace Stepney do in Lily's absence?

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