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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Gerty Farish?
(a) Lily's best friend.
(b) Lily's cousin.
(c) Lawrence Selden's married sister.
(d) Lawrence Selden's cousin.

2. Why does Lily go to Alaska?
(a) Carry Fischer suggests there will be wealthy bachelors on the trip.
(b) Carry Fischer suggests that Lily find a new place to start over.
(c) Carry Fischer suggests Lily take her place with Carry Fischer's new family.
(d) Wealthy distant relatives of Lily live in Alaska.

3. In book 1, chapter 5, why does Lily waste time once she is outside after leaving the library?
(a) She hopes Lawrence Selden will catch up with her.
(b) The weather is perfect.
(c) She hopes Percy Gryce will walk by on his way home from church.
(d) She wants to have as much time as possible outside to get rid of her headache.

4. Who appears at the party at Bellomont at the end of the third day?
(a) Percy Gryce.
(b) Simon Rosedale.
(c) Lawrence Selden.
(d) Gus Trenor.

5. In book 1, chapter 8, what does Gus Trenor do with Lily's money?
(a) Invests it.
(b) Spends it on Mrs. Trenor.
(c) Loses it playing poker.
(d) Donates it to Lily's favorite charity.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lily feel when she first sees Percy Gryce at her cousin's wedding?

2. Other than a vacation from work, why is Lawrence Selden in Monte Carlo in book 2, chapter 1?

3. In book 2, chapter 3, how does Bertha betray Lily at the end of the dinner party ?

4. In book 1, chapter 5, what does Lily intend to do on Sunday morning?

5. Where does The House of Mirth take place?

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