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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1: Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lily's reaction when she sees Lawrence Selden while she is waiting for her train?
(a) She sends her companion to get him.
(b) She avoids him.
(c) She is happy to see him.
(d) She cries.

2. The House of Mirth take place during what period?
(a) Mid-1900s.
(b) Early 1800s.
(c) Early 1900s.
(d) Mid-1800s.

3. Who is Mrs. Van Osburgh?
(a) The hostess of the party at Bellomont.
(b) A wealthy social rival of Mrs. Trenor.
(c) Lily's aunt, with whom she resides.
(d) A divorced party guest.

4. What does Lily hope will develop from the time she spent with Percy Gryce on the train to the party?
(a) An offer of a loan.
(b) An introduction to one of Percy's high-placed colleagues.
(c) Investment advice.
(d) A marriage proposal.

5. What does Mrs. Trenor ask Lily to do in book 1, chapter 4?
(a) Secretarial tasks.
(b) Leave the party and return home immediately.
(c) Take over her duties as hostess.
(d) Introduce her to Percy Gryce.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lily's reaction when Lawrence suggests that they have tea at a popular cafe near the train station while Lily waits for her train?

2. What is Lily concerned about at the beginning of chapter 2, book 1?

3. What is Gerty's financial situation at the beginning of the story?

4. How does Lily feel about Gerty's living conditions at the beginning of the story?

5. What does Lily want from Lawrence at the beginning of the story?

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