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Time-period object

The students choose something (mode of transportation, building, appliance, article of clothing, etc.) from the time period during which The House of Mirth is set.

The students build, design, draw, or sketch the object, as it would have appeared during the period. Remind the students to be prepared to explain the function of the object they chose.

To keep the project from becoming too expensive, limit the objects to what the students already have or can make instead of purchasing them.

Character portrayal

The students assume the identity of a major or minor character from The House of Mirth.

The students can dress in period attire, and in a presentation to the class, the students can tell about their job, living conditions, recreational activities, mode of transportation, and family life.

Character portrayal extension

The students re-enact a crucial scene from The House of Mirth. The students...

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