The House of Mirth Character Descriptions

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Lily Bart - The main character of the novel.

Bertha Dorset - Once a friend, this character becomes the main character's worst enemy.

George Dorset - This character's spouse is disrespectful and unfaithful.

Gerty Farish - A social worker who has economic independence and a career.

Carry Fischer - A professional companion to wealthy society women.

Mattie Gormer - A nouveau riche character who the main character meets through a professional companion.

Percy Gryce - Shy and dull, this character is a suitor of the main character.

Norma Hatch - The main character's unsavory employer .

Aunt Julia Penniston - The main character lives with this relative.

Simon Rosedale - This interloper in New York society is nouveau riche and Jewish.

Lawrence Selden - A lawyer who inhabits the same circles as the main character.

Grace Stepney - A busybody and gossip who takes every opportunity to...

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