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Book 1: Chapter 1

• Lily Bart sees her old friend Lawrence Selden while she is waiting for a train.

• Lawrence Selden suggests they have tea at a popular cafe while Lily waits for her train.

• Lily suggests a less popular place because she worries she will lose her social standing if she is seen with Lawrence Selden.

• Lily accepts Lawrence Selden's invitation to have tea in his apartment.

• Lily expresses her resentment in a woman's place and responsibility in society.

• Lily meets Simon Rosedale, a Jewish businessman, as she leaves Lawrence Selden's apartment building, and lies to him about her reason for being there.

Book 1: Chapter 2

• While on a train to a party at Bellomont, Lily plots to charm Percy Gryce, a shy, prudish, wealthy party-goer.

• As Lily walks past Percy Gryce, the movement of the train causes her to nearly fall into Percy's lap.

• Lily uses her wit and...

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