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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was NOT one of the members of the prayer meeting with Tosamah?

2. What does the old man examine when he comes to a stop during his drive of his team of mares?

3. There was plenty of excitement at the gathering in January of 1937 as the men shouted and _______________.

4. Who was once considered the best long race runner in the region?

5. During what season did Tosamah's grandmother die, according to his story?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who had Francisco beaten in a race for good hunting and harvests, something which he looks upon fondly?

2. What did Abel do after realizing that his grandfather had died during a moment when Abel fell asleep?

3. What is close to the body of Abel, as he lies in a ditch - cold and in pain, with his hands and fingers broken?

4. Describe the character of Nicolas teach-whau - who was this women to Abel in this story?

5. What happened on the night of the memory that Abel recalls about himself and about his brother, Vidal?

6. What did Francisco come upon as a young man, riding out on a buckskin colt and leading a hunting horse?

7. What did Francisco do to the bear after he finally tracked him down in the forest and then killed him?

8. What happened during the incident with Abel and the tank, according to Bowker?

9. Describe the history of the Kiowa, as Tosamah describes it from his own memory and his own experience.

10. What did Milly's father do for her in order to give her the best life she could hope to have?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

During retreats, people would give offerings and pray at various holy places.

Part 1: Why do you think people felt the need to give offerings at the holy places?

Part 2: What might have been some of the offerings you would have left at the holy places?

Part 3: How do you think the offerings to the holy places help the offering person feel about themselves or their lives?

Essay Topic 2

The structure of the storytelling seems to be something is very special to the Native American culture.

Part 1: Why is storytelling so important within the context of this story?

Part 2: Why are stories important to share with others, especially those we love?

Part 3: Why is it important for the priests in this book to relate the stories of history?

Essay Topic 3

The role of alcohol in this story is prevalent, with it changing the lives of all the bottle touches.

Part 1: Why is alcohol something so many people turn to in this story?

Part 2: Why doesn't alcohol seem to help anyone solve their problems?

Part 3: What might the story have been like without the presence of alcohol in the lives of the characters?

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