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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was NOT one of the members of the prayer meeting with Tosamah?

2. What appears at the trading post when Francisco arrives around 1:00 PM?

3. With which group did the Kiowa have an alliance for a very long time - more than a hundred years?

4. Francisco and Abel went to the ________ where some old people had already gathered and begun to sing.

5. What did the man who was sent off by the Kiowas trying to look for?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the creature that Tosamah's grandmother had described in a story about a man who set off to find food for his people.

2. What happened between Abel and the daughter of Medina in January of 1937?

3. Why does Ben think that Milly is going to come around anymore, according to what he has noticed?

4. Who went up to the hill to get drunk the night before Abel left for the bus station?

5. What did Francisco do to the bear after he finally tracked him down in the forest and then killed him?

6. Who is the Priest of the Sun, who appears at the beginning of this second chapter of the book?

7. What is Abel's final memory before leaving to head off to the war to fight?

8. What is the legal result of Abel flipping off the others in the tank, even though they almost run over him?

9. Was the plan that Abel and Ben had real or one that was made up just to make them feel close?

10. What surrounded Francisco in his camp when he was riding out as a young man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The structure of the storytelling seems to be something is very special to the Native American culture. Part 1: Why is storytelling so important within the context of this story? Part 2: Why are stories important to share with others, especially those we love? Part 3: Why is it important for the priests in this book to relate the stories of history?

Essay Topic 2

At times, it seems the portrayal of women is a bit less than fair, especially in the minds of female readers. Part 1: What are the main characteristics the female characters in the book share? Part 2: Are women shown to be strong and powerful? Why or why not? Part 3: Why do you think women aren't portrayed in a more positive light? Or are they?

Essay Topic 3

The idea of being different from others seems to affect each of the characters in different ways. Part 1: How might Abel's life have been different had he not been thought of as foreign? Part 2: Why do you think foreign is considered to be a bad thing in this book and in the lives of the characters? Part 3: Do you believe that Abel is bad person? Why or why not?

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