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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Francisco and Abel look out over when they were at the Arroyo?
(a) Mountain
(b) Stone figure
(c) Plain
(d) River

2. Francisco smeared the substance on his colt because they had both _____________ in this experience.
(a) Worked hard
(b) Come of age
(c) Enjoyed
(d) Been brave

3. The answer to #149 would teach the boys when to plant __________.
(a) Wheat
(b) Lettuce
(c) Peas
(d) Corn

4. The answer to #149 would teach the boys when all the other ___________ and events of their lives were to occur.
(a) Births
(b) Festivals
(c) Holidays
(d) Gifts

5. Abel was going home to the ______________ for a year or two, according to the plan he had.
(a) City
(b) Desert
(c) Reservation
(d) Prison

Short Answer Questions

1. On the first and second days of his return, Abel had gone out and gotten ___________.

2. Ben invited Abel to ________________, which Abel did take him up on, even though he refused other kindnesses from Ben.

3. Where did Francisco mark up the animal once he killed it by shooting it after following the tracks?

4. ___________ sat in his grandfather's house as he had done every day since his return

5. Milly even found Abel a night job at a __________, but he did not even show up for that job.

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