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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Francisco complain of, even though there was no reason for his complaint as far as Abel could see?
(a) Warm
(b) Voice loss
(c) Cold
(d) Blind

2. Francisco smeared the substance on his colt because they had both _____________ in this experience.
(a) Been brave
(b) Enjoyed
(c) Come of age
(d) Worked hard

3. Abel was going home to the ______________ for a year or two, according to the plan he had.
(a) City
(b) Prison
(c) Desert
(d) Reservation

4. On the first and second days of his return, Abel had gone out and gotten ___________.
(a) Hookers
(b) Food
(c) Drunk
(d) Job applications

5. What did Abel dip into water in order to press it to Francisco's mouth and forehead?
(a) Shirt
(b) Napkin
(c) Cloth
(d) Sponge

Short Answer Questions

1. Francisco's girlfriend saw the reaction in #165 and she ___________ after the birthing process was over.

2. Ben gave the bad cop all the _________ he had on him, but Abel didn't have any, so he was punished.

3. What kind of animals were sitting around Francisco one night, right outside the light of his camp fire?

4. When Abel was young, Francisco took him across the Arroyo ________ to the edge of the red rock.

5. When Abel and Ben sat on the hill, _______ sang softly the House Made of Dawn.

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