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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Father Olguin dresses in the __________ chasuble while outside people shuffle in the pews.
(a) Scarlet
(b) Green
(c) Blue
(d) White

2. The Tai-me is the ___________ doll that belonged to the Kiowas from the time the man found the special creature.
(a) Sun Dance
(b) Rain Dance
(c) Land Fertility
(d) Water Dance

3. Who stood up, shouted, and gave the finger to the tank and soldiers who turned and shot at him?
(a) Ben
(b) Abel
(c) Albino
(d) Bowker

4. ________ thought the gray geese to be beautiful against the moon as they flew.
(a) Vidal
(b) Abel
(c) Francisco
(d) Ben

5. When he left, Abel remembered too late to look back in the direction of ___________.
(a) The cave
(b) The kiva
(c) The fields
(d) The mountain

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was once considered the best long race runner in the region?

2. Tosamah's grandmother's grave lays at the ________ of the Rainy Mountain.

3. Who did the Kiowa surrender to, ending their alliance with the answer to #88 after so many years?

4. In the lower meadows of the basin of the Valle Grande, the group of men set about capturing __________.

5. Tosamah's grandmother was ___________ though she had a great appreciation for language and for stories.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Abel do when he sees the bird in the sack after it has been captured?

2. Describe the appearance of Abel when Ben takes him to the bus station at the beginning of the chapter.

3. Where did Francisco take his grandsons once he believed they were old enough for it?

4. Who did Ben think never left Abel alone during the two months that he and Abel were friends and things were going well for Abel?

5. Describe the life of Milly and how Abel recalls it unfolding as he is lying in the ditch, injured and unable to do anything but think.

6. What did Abel do after realizing that his grandfather had died during a moment when Abel fell asleep?

7. What did Francisco come upon as a young man, riding out on a buckskin colt and leading a hunting horse?

8. Who are the people who are at the prayer meeting with Tosamah at the beginning of this chapter?

9. What does Abel see as he is looking out over the rim of the Valle Grande?

10. What did Milly's father do for her in order to give her the best life she could hope to have?

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