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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Francisco and Abel went to the ________ where some old people had already gathered and begun to sing.
(a) Middle
(b) Upper
(c) Basin
(d) Lower

2. ____________ father had worked the land for years with little success in doing so.
(a) Vidal's
(b) Ben's
(c) Milly's
(d) Abel's

3. Abel's final memory before leaving for war was his _____________ crying as he did not understand why Abel wanted to go.
(a) Brother
(b) Mother
(c) Uncle
(d) Grandfather

4. Abel dreams of the time he had gone down to the river with __________ to go shooting.
(a) Francisco
(b) Ben
(c) Vidal
(d) Mariano

5. Abel is cold and in pain as he is lying down, his hands and fingers ____________.
(a) Missing
(b) Tied
(c) Broken
(d) Numb

Short Answer Questions

1. During what season did Tosamah's grandmother die, according to his story?

2. Where were the governor and the officials sitting, making those the places of honor in the group?

3. What was Abel listening to men do when his grandfather called him to see his dead brother?

4. Where does Abel hide when he thinks that men are running toward him after hearing something?

5. Vidal and Abel came back to the box canyon to watch their grandfather dig with a __________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What were some of the things the sun could teach the grandsons about, according to Francisco?

2. Why does Ben think that Milly is going to come around anymore, according to what he has noticed?

3. What did Francisco do to the bear after he finally tracked him down in the forest and then killed him?

4. What did Tosamah have to do in order to reach the grave of his grandmother when he went out to visit her?

5. What is Abel's final memory before leaving to head off to the war to fight?

6. When Tosamah's grandmother, Aho, dies, what does he do for her the following summer?

7. What does Tosamah include in his sermon about the Word and Truth as he preaches in Los Angeles?

8. Was the plan that Abel and Ben had real or one that was made up just to make them feel close?

9. What happened between Abel and the daughter of Medina in January of 1937?

10. What does Abel see as he is looking out over the rim of the Valle Grande?

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