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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Reverend John Big Bluff Tosamah is also known as the priest of the __________.
(a) Sun
(b) Water
(c) Moon
(d) Land

2. Tosamah's grandmother was ____________ eight or ten years after the surrender of the Kiowa.
(a) Born
(b) Married
(c) Dead
(d) Killed

3. Who was once considered the best long race runner in the region?
(a) Abel
(b) Mariano
(c) Francisco
(d) Vidal

4. What does the old man examine when he comes to a stop during his drive of his team of mares?
(a) Trap
(b) Box
(c) Car
(d) Tree

5. What would Nicolas teah-whau beg for at the side of the road of others who passed?
(a) Jam
(b) Whiskey
(c) Books
(d) Bread

Short Answer Questions

1. To find his grandmother's grave, Tosamah has to walk along the path of the _______________.

2. Milly decided to come to ____________ when she had the money from her father and from his hard work.

3. Where were the governor and the officials sitting, making those the places of honor in the group?

4. Who cooked for the men after they had completed their work in the box canyon?

5. Who had NOT been a witness to the incident with the tank during the war in which Abel was fighting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the history of the Kiowa, as Tosamah describes it from his own memory and his own experience.

2. What does Abel do when he sees the bird in the sack after it has been captured?

3. Why didn't Abel go to see his grandfather's house on the third day after his arrival?

4. Who are the people who are at the prayer meeting with Tosamah at the beginning of this chapter?

5. What did Abel do in response to Tosamah's insults during the card game they shared after a 12-hour shift?

6. Who did Ben think never left Abel alone during the two months that he and Abel were friends and things were going well for Abel?

7. How did Abel and Ben meet each other for the first time, as Ben recalls it during a trip down memory lane?

8. What did Tosamah have to do in order to reach the grave of his grandmother when he went out to visit her?

9. What happened when Abel finally did go back to work after the incident at the card game?

10. Describe the relationship Francisco had with a young girl when he was a younger man.

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