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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name of Milly and her husband's first child after they got married in California?
(a) Jennifer
(b) Carrie
(c) Felicia
(d) Tammy

2. What is the young altar boy told to do quickly before the mass would begin?
(a) Grab the Bible
(b) Find another altar boy
(c) Comb his hair
(d) Light the candles

3. What is in Abel's mouth the next time he wakes up during his time in the ditch?
(a) A piece of bread
(b) A piece of paper
(c) Blood
(d) Water

4. Vidal and Abel came back to the box canyon to watch their grandfather dig with a __________.
(a) Hat
(b) Bow
(c) Rock
(d) Hoe

5. What did Milly eventually do for her profession, as Abel remembered as he was lying in pain?
(a) Teacher
(b) Therapist
(c) Banker
(d) Social worker

Short Answer Questions

1. The man who crossed the canyon after four days encountered a man with the feet of a ___________.

2. Tosamah's grandmother was ___________ though she had a great appreciation for language and for stories.

3. Tosamah's grandmother was ____________ eight or ten years after the surrender of the Kiowa.

4. What is the name of the grandmother that Tosamah is telling the story about?

5. Who did the Kiowa surrender to, ending their alliance with the answer to #88 after so many years?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Francisco do after returning to his horses after killing the bear in a sort of rite of passage?

2. What did Abel do in response to Tosamah's insults during the card game they shared after a 12-hour shift?

3. What is close to the body of Abel, as he lies in a ditch - cold and in pain, with his hands and fingers broken?

4. What happened when Abel finally did go back to work after the incident at the card game?

5. What happened during the summer and the autumn rain retreats, according to the stories in the book?

6. What does Abel see as he is looking out over the rim of the Valle Grande?

7. Who did not dance when the group of men got together to get drunk the night before Abel's departure?

8. What happens when Abel comes off the bus when Francisco comes to pick him up?

9. What were some of the things the sun could teach the grandsons about, according to Francisco?

10. What happens when Abel sings and calls out during one of the rain retreats, according to his memory?

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