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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abel dressed his grandfather in bright ceremonial __________ as he prepared his body.
(a) Boots
(b) Colors
(c) Dresses
(d) Bones

2. When Abel woke up from his nap and all of his memories, Francisco was __________.
(a) Dead
(b) Dancing
(c) Gone
(d) Better

3. For how many days did Abel stay drunk after the incident at the party with his co-workers?
(a) 7
(b) 3
(c) 5
(d) 2

4. Who is the old man in the sentence - Abel could not understand the old man's random words.
(a) Francisco
(b) Ben
(c) Tosamah
(d) Daniels

5. Abel put ______________ on his grandfather's head and fashioned it in a queue.
(a) Water
(b) Sage
(c) Grease
(d) Oil

6. Winter had come to the land and Father Olguin was home in the ___________, alone and busy.
(a) Rectory
(b) School
(c) Church pew
(d) Soup kitchen

7. What would Ben and Abel do during the day when they arrived at the answer to #122?
(a) Swim
(b) Picnic on the beach
(c) Walk around Disneyland
(d) Play on the boardwalk

8. Abel and Ben were going to go out to the hills on horseback to watch _____________.
(a) The moon
(b) The sunrise
(c) The sunset
(d) The Great Race

9. Who does Ben ask for money that is owed to him from a previous lending situation?
(a) Tosamah
(b) Manygoats
(c) Abel
(d) Francisco

10. Abel told Ben and Milly a story about a ___________ he had on the reservation and how it used to love the water.
(a) Eagle
(b) Horse
(c) Dog
(d) Snake

11. What did Francisco eat after disemboweling the animal that he killed while off in the woods?
(a) Gall bladder
(b) Liver
(c) Heart
(d) Lung

12. ___________ is in bad shape, his hands are bandaged, his nose is broken, and there is swelling around his eyes.
(a) Ben
(b) Abel
(c) Tosamah
(d) Francisco

13. What was the name of the foreman at the plant where Abel worked?
(a) Cruz
(b) Daniels
(c) Tosamah
(d) Ben

14. When Abel was young, Francisco took him across the Arroyo ________ to the edge of the red rock.
(a) Grande
(b) Agua
(c) Bajo
(d) Arriba

15. What did Francisco complain of, even though there was no reason for his complaint as far as Abel could see?
(a) Blind
(b) Cold
(c) Warm
(d) Voice loss

Short Answer Questions

1. Abel also placed Francisco's pouches of pollen and __________, along with the sacred feathers by his side.

2. When Abel and Ben sat on the hill, _______ sang softly the House Made of Dawn.

3. Who stops at the Silver Dollar on his way back from the bus station?

4. ___________ sat in his grandfather's house as he had done every day since his return

5. On the third day, Abel did not go out because it was _________, he was in pain, and he had no money.

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