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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Francisco wants to teach his grandsons about the positions of the _________ and how they would affect their lives.
(a) Clouds
(b) Stones
(c) Moon
(d) Sun

2. Francisco smeared the substance on his colt because they had both _____________ in this experience.
(a) Worked hard
(b) Enjoyed
(c) Been brave
(d) Come of age

3. Abel dressed his grandfather in bright ceremonial __________ as he prepared his body.
(a) Dresses
(b) Boots
(c) Bones
(d) Colors

4. Martinez had Abel hold his _________ out so that he could strike them with his stick.
(a) Hands
(b) Arms
(c) Feet
(d) Wrists

5. Francisco showed that the event which took place in #169 focused on those that were ___________.
(a) Healthy
(b) Sick
(c) Pregnant
(d) Dead

6. Milly even found Abel a night job at a __________, but he did not even show up for that job.
(a) Subway
(b) Bakery
(c) Plant
(d) Oil refinery

7. When Abel and Ben sat on the hill, _______ sang softly the House Made of Dawn.
(a) Somene else
(b) Ben
(c) Abel
(d) Neither of them

8. Abel offered an old man a lift, but the horse gave up halfway through the water and decided to ____________ in the river.
(a) Buck
(b) Drown itself
(c) Lie down
(d) Stop

9. Which animal did Francisco shoot and kill the next day while hunting by following the tracks?
(a) Bear
(b) Horse
(c) Crow
(d) Coyote

10. ___________ sat in his grandfather's house as he had done every day since his return
(a) Ben
(b) Tosamah
(c) Cruz
(d) Abel

11. On hearing the story of the horse, __________ laughed so hard that _________ started to hiccup.
(a) Abel
(b) Milly
(c) Cruz
(d) Ben

12. After the foreman stood over Abel's shoulder, correcting every little mistake he made, by the end of the __________, Abel walked out.
(a) Month
(b) Night
(c) Morning
(d) Week

13. When Abel was young, Francisco took him across the Arroyo ________ to the edge of the red rock.
(a) Arriba
(b) Agua
(c) Bajo
(d) Grande

14. When he returned to town, the ___________ carried by his hunting horse, the people greeted Francisco with jubilation.
(a) Bird
(b) Crow
(c) Bear
(d) Coyote

15. Whose gray coat was Francisco wearing on top of him to prevent him from getting too cold?
(a) Father Olguin
(b) Ben
(c) Abel
(d) Cruz

Short Answer Questions

1. Where would Ben and Abel sometimes go on Saturday mornings via the bus?

2. Francisco's girlfriend saw the reaction in #165 and she ___________ after the birthing process was over.

3. Who stops at the Silver Dollar on his way back from the bus station?

4. What did Francisco complain of, even though there was no reason for his complaint as far as Abel could see?

5. What was the name of the bad cop that Ben had a bad experience with in the past?

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