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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The place that Francisco took Abel as a child was where the ________ was held, according to Francisco.
(a) Race
(b) Schooling
(c) Birth
(d) War

2. The answer to #149 would teach the boys when the ___________ race would be held.
(a) Ancestor
(b) Rooster
(c) Ash
(d) Elder

3. On hearing the story of the horse, __________ laughed so hard that _________ started to hiccup.
(a) Cruz
(b) Milly
(c) Abel
(d) Ben

4. When Abel and Ben sat on the hill, _______ sang softly the House Made of Dawn.
(a) Somene else
(b) Ben
(c) Neither of them
(d) Abel

5. Who did Abel tell about his grandfather's death first after riding to the mission?
(a) Tosamah
(b) Cruz
(c) Father Olguin
(d) Ben

6. Who walked off with Abel during the party while the other men got drunk, sang and danced?
(a) Cruz
(b) Tosamah
(c) Ben
(d) Daniels

7. What did the bad cop mug Ben and his friends with when he pulled them into a dark alley?
(a) Knife
(b) Machine gun
(c) Broken bottle
(d) Stick

8. Ben invited Abel to ________________, which Abel did take him up on, even though he refused other kindnesses from Ben.
(a) Stay with him
(b) A movie
(c) Use his car
(d) Dinner

9. Where did Francisco mark up the animal once he killed it by shooting it after following the tracks?
(a) Above the eyes
(b) Under the feet
(c) On the wing
(d) On the paws

10. Ben had made up the plan while Abel was still in __________, but Abel began to believe in it and so did Ben.
(a) Prison
(b) The kiva
(c) School
(d) The hospital

11. Abel put ______________ on his grandfather's head and fashioned it in a queue.
(a) Sage
(b) Grease
(c) Water
(d) Oil

12. Abel wrapped his grandfather's body in a ___________ and then rode out to the mission.
(a) Blanket
(b) Tarp
(c) Scarf
(d) Sheet

13. Who does Ben ask for money that is owed to him from a previous lending situation?
(a) Francisco
(b) Tosamah
(c) Manygoats
(d) Abel

14. In a year or two, Abel and Ben would get back together to __________ one last time together.
(a) Sleep
(b) Pray
(c) Ride horses
(d) Get drunk

15. Francisco smeared the substance on his colt because they had both _____________ in this experience.
(a) Enjoyed
(b) Been brave
(c) Worked hard
(d) Come of age

Short Answer Questions

1. ____________ did not make a sound as the beating took place during the mugging in the alley.

2. Who stops at the Silver Dollar on his way back from the bus station?

3. What was the result of the child that Francisco and the girl conceived during their relationship?

4. On the first and second days of his return, Abel had gone out and gotten ___________.

5. Abel and Ben were going to go out to the hills on horseback to watch _____________.

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