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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tosamah's grandmother was ___________ though she had a great appreciation for language and for stories.
(a) Deaf
(b) Blind
(c) Old
(d) Illiterate

2. Who is the old man who is driving his team of old mares along the river in a canyon at the beginning?
(a) Abel
(b) Francisco
(c) Vidal
(d) Tosamah

3. Abel keeps himself in the __________ as he makes his way through the city, in order to keep himself hidden.
(a) Shadows
(b) Alleys
(c) Light
(d) Gutters

4. ____________ father had worked the land for years with little success in doing so.
(a) Ben's
(b) Milly's
(c) Abel's
(d) Vidal's

5. Because his father was on outsider, Abel, his brother and his mother were considered to be ____________.
(a) Family
(b) Enemies
(c) Foreign
(d) Strange

6. Who cooked for the men after they had completed their work in the box canyon?
(a) Annabelle
(b) Francisco's wife
(c) Milly
(d) Abel's mom

7. What was the small snare trap made out of?
(a) Reeds
(b) Metal
(c) Wood
(d) Rubber bands

8. Where does Abel hide when he thinks that men are running toward him after hearing something?
(a) The nearby brush
(b) The drainage pipe
(c) The cave
(d) The tree

9. What were the victims being targeted in the #32 scenario that was described in the book?
(a) Sheep
(b) Snakes
(c) Rabbits
(d) Wolves

10. Tosamah gives a sermon in the basement of a two-story red brick building in ______________ in which he lives.
(a) Tempe
(b) San Francisco
(c) San Diego
(d) Los Angeles

11. Who is the old Kiowa woman that Tosamah references in his story during the sermon he is giving?
(a) A fictional character
(b) Mary
(c) Lilith
(d) His grandmother

12. What does Mrs. Martin St. John ask Father Olguin to help her find when she stays in town?
(a) Someone to date
(b) Someoen to help her move
(c) Someone to give her a tour
(d) Someone to cut wood

13. The men in the prayer circle with Tosamah smoked and ate _____________.
(a) Peyote buttons
(b) Tobacco
(c) Marijuana
(d) Jimson Weed

14. In the lower meadows of the basin of the Valle Grande, the group of men set about capturing __________.
(a) Each other
(b) Opposing tribe members
(c) Women
(d) Bait

15. At one point during his 'escape' from the men following him, Abel rolled himself into the ___________ of a truck.
(a) Trunk
(b) Cab
(c) Seat
(d) Flatbed

Short Answer Questions

1. When Abel went to look at the bird he caught, helpless in the sack, he felt bad so he __________ it.

2. What did Milly eventually do for her profession, as Abel remembered as he was lying in pain?

3. Who looked after Abel and the rest of his family because their father left a long time before?

4. Abel heard the sound of the ____________ and it filled him with a particular kind of dread that remained with him throughout his days.

5. The ___________ Watchers Society was the principal ceremonial organization of the Bahkyush.

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