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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Abel's brother, who died many years before the start of the story?
(a) Vidal
(b) Francisco
(c) Tosamah
(d) Mariano

2. At ___________, Francisco and Abel waited for dawn at the house of Juliano Medina.
(a) Chicago
(b) Tempe
(c) Sia
(d) Phoenix

3. Francisco thinks back to the time when he participated in a __________ for the good hunting and the harvests.
(a) Writing contest
(b) Spelling bee
(c) Fight
(d) Race

4. Tosamah gives a sermon in the basement of a two-story red brick building in ______________ in which he lives.
(a) Los Angeles
(b) Tempe
(c) San Diego
(d) San Francisco

5. Reverend John Big Bluff Tosamah is also known as the priest of the __________.
(a) Sun
(b) Moon
(c) Water
(d) Land

6. Who is the old man who is driving his team of old mares along the river in a canyon at the beginning?
(a) Tosamah
(b) Abel
(c) Vidal
(d) Francisco

7. Where does Abel hide when he thinks that men are running toward him after hearing something?
(a) The nearby brush
(b) The tree
(c) The cave
(d) The drainage pipe

8. What does the old man examine when he comes to a stop during his drive of his team of mares?
(a) Tree
(b) Box
(c) Trap
(d) Car

9. Where were the governor and the officials sitting, making those the places of honor in the group?
(a) In the sun
(b) In the air conditioned warehouse
(c) Near the trees
(d) Under umbrellas

10. Abel keeps himself in the __________ as he makes his way through the city, in order to keep himself hidden.
(a) Shadows
(b) Gutters
(c) Light
(d) Alleys

11. The A.A. Kaul _________ Company uses the second floor of Tosamah's building as a storage facility.
(a) Computer
(b) Oil
(c) Auto Supply
(d) Office Supply

12. The ___________ Watchers Society was the principal ceremonial organization of the Bahkyush.
(a) Hawk
(b) Eagle
(c) Coyote
(d) Sparrow

13. Who had NOT been a witness to the incident with the tank during the war in which Abel was fighting?
(a) Bowker
(b) Corporal Rate
(c) Abel
(d) Ben

14. In the lower meadows of the basin of the Valle Grande, the group of men set about capturing __________.
(a) Opposing tribe members
(b) Each other
(c) Women
(d) Bait

15. When Abel went to look at the bird he caught, helpless in the sack, he felt bad so he __________ it.
(a) Suffocated
(b) Freed
(c) Loosened
(d) Ate

Short Answer Questions

1. The men in the prayer circle with Tosamah smoked and ate _____________.

2. What did Milly eventually do for her profession, as Abel remembered as he was lying in pain?

3. Abel slept with one of ___________ daughter's, even though she dressed and ran away from him when he wanted her again.

4. When he left, Abel remembered too late to look back in the direction of ___________.

5. During what season did Tosamah's grandmother die, according to his story?

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