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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During what month did Tosamah finally visit his grandmother's grave, according to his story?
(a) August
(b) July
(c) January
(d) June

2. Who did the Kiowa surrender to, ending their alliance with the answer to #88 after so many years?
(a) Comanche
(b) Apache
(c) US Cavalry
(d) Lakota

3. Who looked after Abel and the rest of his family because their father left a long time before?
(a) Mariano
(b) Oguin
(c) Tosamah
(d) Francisco

4. Reverend John Big Bluff Tosamah lives in the place of worship with his disciple _________.
(a) Francisco
(b) Abel
(c) Cruz
(d) George

5. Who is Abel's brother, who died many years before the start of the story?
(a) Tosamah
(b) Mariano
(c) Vidal
(d) Francisco

6. At age ____________, Milly's father gave her all of his savings in order to get her to live a better life elsewhere.
(a) 18
(b) 17
(c) 25
(d) 10

7. What is in Abel's mouth the next time he wakes up during his time in the ditch?
(a) A piece of paper
(b) A piece of bread
(c) Water
(d) Blood

8. When the tasks of #35 were completed, Abel set off to the _________ all by himself to complete his task.
(a) Forest
(b) Desert
(c) Sea
(d) Cliffs

9. What was the name of Milly's first husband whom she met when she first arrived at her new home?
(a) Matt
(b) Mike
(c) Abel
(d) Tom

10. Abel dreams of the time he had gone down to the river with __________ to go shooting.
(a) Francisco
(b) Mariano
(c) Ben
(d) Vidal

11. The sermon at the beginning of the chapter is about the __________ and the Truth.
(a) Word
(b) Apocalypse
(c) Resurrection
(d) Dawn

12. What appeared shortly after Abel began to sin and call out during his time at the small house?
(a) His mother
(b) Pair of eagles
(c) A vision of his father
(d) Franciso

13. What was Abel listening to men do when his grandfather called him to see his dead brother?
(a) Shout
(b) Pray
(c) Joke
(d) Argue

14. There was plenty of excitement at the gathering in January of 1937 as the men shouted and _______________.
(a) Played music
(b) Fired rifles
(c) Fought
(d) Danced

15. When he left, Abel remembered too late to look back in the direction of ___________.
(a) The kiva
(b) The mountain
(c) The cave
(d) The fields

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first job Milly had when she finally moved to the new town after leaving her father's farm?

2. When Carrie was four years old, she _________________, after her father left for good.

3. Where is Abel lying prostrate as the prayer meeting is taking place in Los Angeles?

4. What is the young altar boy told to do quickly before the mass would begin?

5. The society in #27 was the _________ to go into the kiva at the summer and the autumn rain retreats.

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