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Chapter 1, The Longhair

• Francisco drives his team of mares along the river in the canyon.

• Abel gets off a bus, clearly drunk, and collapses against his grandfather.

• Abel goes out to look at the valley and loses himself in memories.

• Abel sees a car approaching from the north.

• Father Olguin conducts a service.

• Abel cuts wood for Angela St. John.

• Father Olguin tells the story of Santiago.

• Abel thinks about how his return to town had been a failure.

• Angela and Abel sleep together.

• A caravan passes through the town.

• Father talks to Angela, and when he leaves almost gets into an accident.

• Francisco and some other men meet at at the kiva for a celebration.

• Abel stabs the albino for trying to hug him.

Chapter 2, The Priest of the Sun

• Reverend John Big Bluff Tosamah gives a sermon in his basement in LA.

• Abel is lying in...

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