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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Molly go when she leaves home?

2. How does Sylvie's temperament seem to Ruth and Lucille?

3. What does Helen do after the girls settle on their grandmother's porch?

4. What does Sylvie do when Ruth begs her to come upstairs?

5. How does Ruth get Sylvie to come upstairs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Lily and Nona decide to do about being in Fingerbone?

2. Where do the girls go after the flood water recedes and what happens there?

3. What are the attitudes of Ruth and Lucille towards Sylvie's eccentricities?

4. How do Lily and Nona feel about children?

5. Why do Ruth and Lucille believe their aunt is an unstable person?

6. What does Ruth think about the loss of her mother in relationship to her thoughts on Cain and Abel?

7. Why does the sheriff visit Ruth and Sylvie and what do some neighboring women do about his visit?

8. What does the narrator say about her grandfather's youth in the first chapter?

9. What do they see and how do the neighboring women feel about Ruth and Sylvie's house?

10. Why does Sylvie wake Ruth up before dawn after Lucille has left?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

As time goes by and Sylvie stays with the girls, the two sisters have different reactions and feelings towards Sylvie's eccentricities. Describe their differences and write about how you believe you would feel in the same circumstances.

Essay Topic 2

Compare the physical setting of the novel, Fingerbone, with the events that have been shown in the sister's lives in chapter one. How does one reflect the other? What foreshadowing to the rest of the narrator's life, might be gleaned from the descriptions of Fingerbone and the types of events common in that town?

Essay Topic 3

Ruth and Lucille's mother commits suicide in the first chapter. How do you think this event affected Ruth and Lucille's emotional and mental health? What do you think could cause a mother to commit suicide with two small children waiting for her at home?

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