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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lucille do when they find Sylvie on the park bench?
(a) slaps her on the face
(b) kicks her
(c) goes and calls the police
(d) goes home and cleans

2. Who follows Sylvie and Ruth at the lake?
(a) an irate man
(b) an alligator
(c) some ducklings
(d) a dog

3. What does the sheriff do about Sylvie's efforts to change?
(a) He schedules a hearing.
(b) He says he is going to watch her.
(c) He commends her.
(d) He does not do anything.

4. What prompts the sheriff's visit to Ruth's home?
(a) Ruth is spotted riding a boxcar.
(b) The dog is barking too much.
(c) The yard has not been mowed.
(d) The house has a strange smell.

5. What does Sylvie bring home after the fight with Lucille over the park bench?
(a) milk
(b) huckleberries
(c) hamburger
(d) a small puppy

6. Why does the sheriff come by the house in Chapter 10?
(a) He sees the fire.
(b) He hears Sylvie screaming at Ruth.
(c) He comes to arrest Sylvie.
(d) He finds their dog.

7. What does Sylvie tell the sheriff in answer to his inquiry in question # 164?
(a) Ruth is upstairs in bed.
(b) She did not steal a boat.
(c) She does not know where their father is.
(d) Lucille is staying with a teacher.

8. What does Sylvie do while the girls eat in the kitchen?
(a) reads a book
(b) asks them about their day
(c) goes to sleep
(d) walks outside and eats crackers

9. What does Sylvie tell the sheriff about Ruth hiding in the orchard?
(a) She is looking for the cat.
(b) They are playing a game.
(c) she loses her shoe there.
(d) She is picking the apples.

10. What does the sheriff ask Ruth when she comes out of the orchard?
(a) Is Sylvie abusing her?
(b) Is she hungry?
(c) Does she know where Lucille is staying?
(d) Does she want to come home with him?

11. What do the neighbors see on the floor of the house?
(a) muddy foot prints
(b) nothing
(c) fallen leaves
(d) dog droppings

12. Why can't Ruth hear Lucille when her sister talks to her?
(a) She is exhausted.
(b) She is not paying attention.
(c) Dogs are barking too loud.
(d) She is deaf.

13. What does Ruth settle for with Sylvie?
(a) a lot of lectures
(b) any nurturing she can get
(c) bad food
(d) a messy house

14. What does Ruth plan to use to lure the children?
(a) a pretty doll
(b) marshmallows
(c) a book
(d) hot dogs

15. How does Ruth feel about Sylvie trying to change?
(a) She is angry.
(b) She is amused.
(c) She is amazed.
(d) She is touched.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lucille demand after she sees Sylvie's picture?

2. What happens after the girls fight over the flowers?

3. What does the sheriff asks Sylvie when he stops by the house?

4. What happens while Ruth is looking at the frost?

5. What does Sylvie urge Ruth to do about the objections?

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