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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Ruth and Lucille stop going to school in March?
(a) They run out of clean clothes.
(b) The weather is warm.
(c) They visit their father.
(d) There is no school.

2. The morning after the girls stay out all night, what does Lucille want to do?
(a) go to church
(b) go to the lake
(c) take the girls from school
(d) find their father

3. What does Sylvie do when the girls come home in the morning after staying out all night?
(a) calls the police
(b) screams at them
(c) makes them go to school
(d) wraps them in warmed quilts

4. What does Lucille tell the principal at school?
(a) her aunt is insane
(b) She has a new attitude.
(c) go bug off
(d) She does not care about school.

5. What does Sylvie say about the owner of the boat?
(a) He makes the boat with his hands.
(b) He is her cousin.
(c) He may be a lunatic.
(d) He has loaned her the boat.

6. What does Sylvie believe Ruth thinks of her when she talks about the people on the island?
(a) that Sylvie is insane
(b) that she makes friends easily
(c) that Sylvie is an artist
(d) that Sylvie is lying

7. What do neighboring women bring to Ruth and Sylvie?
(a) dog food and a leash
(b) cleaning supplies
(c) casseroles, knitted scarves, gloves, and hats
(d) a lawnmower

8. What does Sylvie do about the house to fight the objections?
(a) frantically cleans it
(b) hides all the trash
(c) buys new furniture
(d) does repair work

9. Who follows Sylvie and Ruth as they walk home?
(a) a black cat
(b) a boy from school
(c) Lucille and her friends
(d) barking dogs

10. What does Sylvie finally realize about the neighbors' objections?
(a) They are making them up.
(b) They mean to take Ruth from her.
(c) They are partially true.
(d) Someone in town is trying to get her in trouble.

11. When do Sylvie and Ruth leave the island?
(a) early evening
(b) as soon as they see the farmhouse
(c) after nightfall
(d) the next moring

12. What happens after the girls fight over the flowers?
(a) Ruth cuts school.
(b) Sylvie puts them on restriction.
(c) They move to separate bedrooms.
(d) They don't speak for several days.

13. What does Sylvie do when she comes home with the answer in question #108?
(a) sings
(b) goes to bed
(c) watches television
(d) makes pancakes

14. What does Lucille want to do with the pressed flowers they find in a book?
(a) throws them out
(b) gives them to Sylvie
(c) gives them to friends at school
(d) spreads them around the house

15. How does Sylvie try to gain acceptance of her custody?
(a) attending church
(b) cleaning the house
(c) talking to the neighbors
(d) cooking healthy meals

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ruth do when the trash fire has gone out?

2. What does Sylvie urge Ruth to do about the objections?

3. What does Ruth do while Lucille is talking to girls at the drugstore?

4. How does Ruth feel about Sylvie trying to change?

5. What does Sylvie tell the sheriff in answer to his inquiry in question # 164?

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