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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Lily and Nona live?
(a) Tucson
(b) Chicago
(c) New York
(d) Spokane

2. How does Ruth get Sylvie to come upstairs?
(a) She shames her.
(b) She offers to cook dinner.
(c) She hits her and pulls her upstairs.
(d) She screams at her.

3. In what state is the town after the flood waters recede?
(a) disorganized
(b) happy
(c) depressed
(d) dirty

4. How was their grandfather's childhood house built?
(a) was a stone cottage
(b) dug out of the ground
(c) made of wood
(d) made of straw bales

5. What does Sylvie do when she meets Ruth and Lucille?
(a) She teases them.
(b) She listens to them.
(c) She dismisses them.
(d) She acts cold toward them.

6. What does Lucille have to take to school after she is absent?
(a) a note from Sylvie
(b) a note from a doctor
(c) her homework for two days
(d) nothing

7. Where is Sylvie?
(a) she is living in Europe
(b) she is in Kentucky
(c) she has no known address
(d) she is in Spokane

8. Why do bats keep coming in the girls' home?
(a) They have a nest in the attic.
(b) Sylvie leaves the windows open.
(c) It is very dark inside.
(d) They like the food.

9. Why does Sylvie bond with Ruth and Lucille?
(a) She is young herself.
(b) She loved Helen.
(c) She listens to them with interest.
(d) She does not tell them what to do.

10. What does Sylvie say when asked if she wants children?
(a) She wants to adopt.
(b) She ignores the question.
(c) She refuses to answer.
(d) She says she has some.

11. How do Ruth and Lucille see Sylvie as far as her competence to be a caretaker?
(a) She is not responsible.
(b) That she will be very strict.
(c) That she is great.
(d) That she is very mature.

12. Why does Lucille complain during the flood?
(a) She is hungry.
(b) She is bored.
(c) She misses school.
(d) She misses going to church.

13. What do the girls do at home in their free time?
(a) play jacks
(b) go over to friends' houses
(c) explore their grandmother's possessions
(d) watch television

14. What kind of pictures does the grandfather paint?
(a) of imaginary mountains
(b) purple forests
(c) red deserts
(d) unreal seascapes

15. What does Ruth fear about Sylvie?
(a) She has died.
(b) She cannot find any food.
(c) She has fallen in the water.
(d) She has left them.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do people in Fingerbone travel the lower lying areas of town during the flood?

2. What happens to the girls when they return to school after skipping for a week?

3. What do Lily and Nona do the night the girls tell them why they're outside with Sylvie?

4. Where are the food and necessities at the house during the flood?

5. What does their grandfather want most to do when he is young?

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