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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Ruth and Lucille see Sylvie as far as her competence to be a caretaker?
(a) That she is great.
(b) She is not responsible.
(c) That she is very mature.
(d) That she will be very strict.

2. For what do Ruth and Lucille depend on each other?
(a) to fight with their grandfather
(b) for survival
(c) for help with school
(d) for cooking meals

3. Where does the town where the sisters stay with their grandmother sit?
(a) on the top of a steep mountain
(b) on the shores of a nameless lake
(c) near the redwood forest
(d) on the cliffs looking over the ocean

4. What does Sylvie do when Ruth begs her to come upstairs?
(a) She quits talking to her.
(b) She slaps Ruth.
(c) She comes upstairs.
(d) She leaves the house.

5. How do Lily and Nona try to contact Sylvie?
(a) by radio
(b) through Mary
(c) newspaper ads
(d) by contacting her old boyfriend

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Helen and the girls visit their grandmother?

2. How does the grandfather die?

3. Where are Ruth, Lucille and Sylvie marooned during the flood?

4. What story does Sylvie tell the girls while waiting out the flood?

5. To where are Lily and Nona going to move?

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