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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sylvie do after the answer in question #105?
(a) sends Lucille to bed
(b) sits down
(c) cooks dinner
(d) leaves the house

2. What does Sylvie say when asked if she wants children?
(a) She refuses to answer.
(b) She says she has some.
(c) She wants to adopt.
(d) She ignores the question.

3. How do the girls find out what certain sewing terms mean?
(a) asking a girl at school
(b) asking Sylvie
(c) using the dictionary
(d) asking a teacher

4. What does Ruth feel is most likely to occur due to all the fuss about Sylvie?
(a) Sylvie will stay on top of things.
(b) She will be taken from her care.
(c) Lucille will come back and help out.
(d) It will die out.

5. What does Sylvie do when Lucille asks her if she knows where the sisters spent the night?
(a) puts them on restriction
(b) says she watched them all night
(c) shrugs her shoulders
(d) laughs

Short Answer Questions

1. During the flood, what happens when Sylvie goes downstairs?

2. Who does Sylvie think Ruth is when Ruth finds her downstairs?

3. What does Sylvie say her husband does for a living?

4. Where are Ruth, Lucille and Sylvie marooned during the flood?

5. How does Ruth feel about Sylvie trying to change?

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