Housekeeping Character Descriptions

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Ruth Stone

She is the first person narrator, dark-haired, thin, tall, awkward, and shy. She is haunted by her mother's suicide and her grandmother's sorrow.

Lucille Stone

Ruth's younger sister, she is red-haired and more outgoing. During their early years, they were inseparable allies.


She is the youngest sister of Helen, is about thirty-five, brown-haired, tall, narrowly built, and always walking looking down and to one side as if listening to a soft-spoken conversation no one else can hear.

Sylvia Foster

Ruth and Lucille's grandmother is the mother of Molly, Helen, and Sylvie, and wife of the grandfather who built the house that is at the center of the action of the book.

Helen Stone

Ruth and Lucille's mother, leaves home when she marries Reginald Stone. Her husband abandons the family early enough that the girls have no memory of him.

Edmund Foster

The girls' grandfather is...

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