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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bunny call Artie's songs in order to cheer him up?

2. What will be revealed about Artie over time as the play progresses?

3. What does the character on stage at the beginning of the play repeatedly try to get the audience to do?

4. Ronnie's appearance at the end of Act I, Part II is an example of what?

5. What does Bunny promise to do for Artie when they reach California?

Short Essay Questions

1. What sign of gentleness toward Bananas does Artie have in Act I, Part II?

2. What does Artie do in the Prologue that all of the other characters will also do?

3. What act does Ronnie's desire to use the bomb foreshadow?

4. What does the audience learn about the Prologue in Act I, Scene I?

5. Does Artie intend to kill Bananas at the end of the play?

6. What does Ronnie explain to the audience that he did when Billy came over to the apartment?

7. Billy explains to Artie that it is better when he imagines Artie in the audience than for Artie to actually be there. Is this reasonable?

8. What is the story the Three Nuns tell Artie when he lets them into his apartment?

9. Bananas asks Billy to stay with her in the apartment, but what does Billy suggest instead?

10. Why is the Pope addressing the United Nations?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The longing to be noticed is a thematic element common to characters in American dramatic literature. Compare this among the characters in The House of Blue Leaves to another novel or play you have read that has this same recurring theme. Use specific information and quotes from The House of Blue Leaves, while the other novel/play can be loosely paraphrased.

Essay Topic 2

The end of The House of Blue Leaves is characterized by new beginnings. The characters involved in the final scene experience new beginnings that are mostly positive. Artie is the only character that does not, although he is the one character who yearned for it the most. Discuss the final scene, what these new beginnings are, what they mean, and why Artie is the only one who is left alone in a well constructed thesis paper. Use information and quotes from the play to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

In class discussions, the literary style of farce was discussed. Farce is evident throughout the play, heightening in certain scenes. Based on what you have learned about farce, construct a thesis discussion farce within The House of Blue Leaves, what it is, why it is used in this play, and how it functions within the play. Use examples and quotes from the text to support your response.

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