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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Artie address while he is talking about the Pope?
(a) Ronnie.
(b) Bananas.
(c) Bunny.
(d) The audience.

2. What does the character on stage at the beginning of the play shout offstage for?
(a) A cane.
(b) A blue light.
(c) A microphone.
(d) A line.

3. What idea does Artie's roughness with Bananas reinforce?
(a) He is in opposition to the war.
(b) The increase of domestic violence.
(c) He is a man on the edge.
(d) The intolerance toward mental illness.

4. What does Ronnie do at the center of the stage at the end of Act I, Part II?
(a) Yells at the audience.
(b) Ignores the audience.
(c) Laughs at the audience.
(d) Stares at the audience.

5. What does Bunny promise to do for Artie when they reach California?
(a) Give him massages.
(b) Help him write his songs.
(c) Sing for him.
(d) Cook meals for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Artie attempts to show the audience his talent in the beginning of The House of Blue Leaves, at what level of talent is he?

2. Ronnie's appearance at the end of Act I, Part II is an example of what?

3. What is the character doing at the opening of the play?

4. Where does Artie tell Bananas that he and Bunny are moving to?

5. What does Artie suggest Bananas do in order to make her prayers come true?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Artie do in the Prologue that all of the other characters will also do?

2. Why does Corrinna ask the nuns to pray for her?

3. What does "breaking the fourth wall" and speaking to the audience achieve?

4. How does Corrinna die by the end of Act II, Scene I, Part II?

5. What does Ronnie believe about all of the people he has encountered in his life?

6. What is Bunny doing when we first see her in Act I, Part I?

7. What is Ronnie's bomb a symbol for?

8. What dream does Artie tell Bananas about in Act I, Scene I?

9. Why are all of the characters acting so desperately by the end of Act II, Scene I, Part II?

10. How does Bunny get Billy to ask her to come to Australia with him?

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