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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Corrinna say sent her when she shows up at Artie's apartment?
(a) Billy.
(b) Ronnie.
(c) Bananas.
(d) Bunny.

2. Who does Artie persuade to live in Bunny's apartment and take care of Bananas?
(a) The Little Nun.
(b) Billy.
(c) Bunny.
(d) Ronnie.

3. What does Ronnie say in his speech will happen by the end of the day?
(a) Everyone will die.
(b) Everyone will ask him to stay.
(c) Everyone will know him.
(d) Everyone will apologize.

4. Who does Artie comment about to the audience, saying they look very nice?
(a) Bunny and Bananas.
(b) Bunny.
(c) Bananas.
(d) Bunny and Artie.

5. What kind of movie does Bunny tell the audience she remembers Corrinna from?
(a) A thriller.
(b) A horror movie.
(c) A romantic comedy.
(d) A war movie.

6. Who comes out of the bedroom holding the tickets after the MP arrives?
(a) The MP.
(b) Ronnie.
(c) The Little Nun.
(d) Bananas.

7. What does Bunny tell the audience she promises to do for Bananas?
(a) Watch over her.
(b) Send her moeny.
(c) Put her in a good home.
(d) Send her all of her clothes.

8. What can the audience guess about the items in Ronnie's box that he wires together?
(a) He bought them on the streets.
(b) He stole them from the army.
(c) He has had them since he was a child.
(d) He has sentimental attachment to them.

9. When Ronnie runs back into his bedroom, what does he bring back out with him?
(a) His Christening outfit.
(b) A Halloween costume.
(c) A G.I. Joe.
(d) Choir boy robes.

10. Who does Bananas remind Billy of in the clothes she is wearing?
(a) An actress he worked with.
(b) Bunny.
(c) Billy's wife.
(d) An angel.

11. What is taking place at the beginning of Act II, Scene II?
(a) Artie's big move.
(b) Ronnie's incarceration.
(c) Corrinna's funeral.
(d) The Pope's sermon.

12. What does Billy call Ronnie after Ronnie's display in the apartment, according to Ronnie's story?
(a) Talentless hack.
(b) Feeble minded.
(c) Absolutely wretched.
(d) Mentally retarded.

13. What does Ronnie take out of the box he is holding?
(a) Rifles.
(b) Land mines.
(c) Knives.
(d) Grenades.

14. What is Artie looking for when he runs back into the apartment at the beginning of Act II, Scene I, Part II?
(a) His rosary.
(b) Ronnie.
(c) His car keys.
(d) A particular song.

15. What does Ronnie say he is going to do when he emerges from his room in his army fatigues?
(a) He will blow up the apartment.
(b) The nuns have converted him.
(c) He will blow up the Pope.
(d) He has diffused the bomb.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Corrinna say to the nuns about Billy that devastates Artie?

2. Who does Ronnie intend this item he has just constructed from a box to be for?

3. What characteristic does Ronnie reveal about himself through his speech in Act I, Scene I, Part I?

4. What is Ronnie's speech an example of?

5. What do the Little Nun and Billy discuss that they both lost in the bomb blast?

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