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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Billy in Artie's apartment, sobbing, at the beginning of Act II, Scene II?
(a) He has come to help Bananas.
(b) He has come to help Artie move.
(c) He has come to retrieve Corrinna's body.
(d) He has come to profess his love for Bunny.

2. What does the Little Nun tell the audience is a metaphor for life?
(a) An orchard.
(b) A stage.
(c) Music.
(d) A bomb.

3. What does Artie do to Bananas at the end of the play when a blue spotlight shines on them?
(a) Strangles her.
(b) Kisses her.
(c) Leaves her.
(d) Writes her a song.

4. What is Artie looking for when he runs back into the apartment at the beginning of Act II, Scene I, Part II?
(a) A particular song.
(b) His car keys.
(c) Ronnie.
(d) His rosary.

5. What does Bananas emerge from the bedroom with at the end of Act II, Scene I, Part II?
(a) The TV.
(b) A vacuum.
(c) Artie's music.
(d) The bomb.

6. What does Bunny complain about when she comes up from her apartment?
(a) She cannot hear the Pope.
(b) Water is leaking through her ceiling.
(c) Bananas is being troublesome.
(d) That they have not left for California yet.

7. What does Corrinna drop when she sees the three nuns at the window?
(a) Her hearing aid.
(b) A book.
(c) Artie's music.
(d) Her purse.

8. What does Billy call Ronnie after Ronnie's display in the apartment, according to Ronnie's story?
(a) Absolutely wretched.
(b) Mentally retarded.
(c) Talentless hack.
(d) Feeble minded.

9. Who does Ronnie intend this item he has just constructed from a box to be for?
(a) Bananas.
(b) Billy.
(c) Artie.
(d) Bunny.

10. What does Ronnie actually have in common with all of the other characters that is revealed in his speech?
(a) He wants to be taken care of.
(b) He wants to be loved.
(c) He wants to be rich.
(d) He wants to be noticed.

11. What does Bananas claim she is still angry at Artie for?
(a) Asking her to cook him breakfast.
(b) Taking Bananas to see the Pope.
(c) Not getting his music blessed.
(d) Not letting her call Billy.

12. What does Artie find in Bananas' hand when he comes out of the bathroom in Act II, Scene II?
(a) A wrench.
(b) The tap.
(c) The toilet seat.
(d) A pipe.

13. What does Artie know after the nuns announce that there is a choirboy in their room?
(a) The nuns are also mentally unstable.
(b) The Pope has died.
(c) The nuns a referring to the TV.
(d) Ronnie is home.

14. What does Ronnie throw to Corrinna as she is leaving, saying it is a gift for Billy?
(a) His army hat.
(b) His rifle.
(c) The box with the bomb.
(d) His choir robe.

15. Where does Ronnie wire the items he takes out of the box to?
(a) A clock.
(b) The oven.
(c) The TV.
(d) The door.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the audience learn about Bananas' name in Act II, Scene II?

2. The purpose of Act II, Scene I, Part I is to create what?

3. What kind of literature is referenced in Act II, Scene I, Part I?

4. What song does Bananas request that Artie play in Act 2, Scene 1, Part 2?

5. What does Artie do in order to calm down Billy?

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