The House of Blue Leaves Fun Activities

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The House of Blue Leaves

Have each student draw a representation of what the house with the trees full of birds would look like from both Bananas' perspective and Artie's perspective. The students will get together in groups to discuss their pictures and why it looks a certain way through a Artie's, or Bananas' eyes.

Downplay the Farce

Divide the students into small groups and have them pick one of the farcical scenes in the play. The students will then act out the scenes without the element of farce. They will decide how this affects the scene.

Stream of Consciousness

Write a stream of consciousness paper for Bananas. What is her thought process like?

Artie's Songs

Divide the class into small groups to compose a song Artie could potentially write and perform. The groups can choose to perform their song, but those who do not must give logical...

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