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• The audience enters the theatre.

• Artie Shaughnessy is at his piano, playing and singing.

• Artie repeatedly asks the audience to be quiet and sit down.

• Artie shouts offstage for the blue spotlight he was promised.

• Artie gathers his music and instruments when he is done and exits the stage.

Act 1, Part 1

• Artie is sleeping on his couch and muttering the words, "Pope Ronnie" over and over.

• A young man in army fatigues enters through the window, takes milk and bread, and then runs into another room when the doorbell rings.

• Bunny Flingus, the downstairs neighbor and Artie's lover, enters his apartment and berates Artie for sleeping in.

• Bunny lectures on and on, revealing to the audience that Pope Paul is driving through Queens on his way to Yankee Stadium where he will be speaking to the UN about ending the Vietnam War.

• Artie is in a bad...

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