The House of Bernarda Alba Character Descriptions

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Adela - This person is attractive and rebellious in spirit.

Bernarda - This person feels superior to the neighbors and shows control over others.

Amelia - This person is kindhearted and hates when others speak unkindly to each other.

Angustias - This person is wealthy, likes men, and wants to marry.

First Servant - This person talks about others and is forced to sleep with someone that is not this person's spouse.

La Poncia - This person is often bitter and is very complex.

Magdalena - This person is pessimistic and is convinced she will never marry.

Maid - This person strives to earn others' approval and complains often.

Maria Josefa - This person is often poetic and is perceptive about the goings on at the house.

Martirio - This person is consumed by jealousy and sexual frustration.

Prudencia - This person is frustrated with family...

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