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Act 1 Part 1

• As a church bell tolls, Poncia and a Servant clean the house in preparation for Bernarda's return from a funeral for Bernarda's husband.

• They think Bernarda is tyrannical and demanding and that her mother is locked up in another room is insane.

• Poncia also talks about how hard her thirty years of service have been and about Bernarda's five daughters, Angustias by her first wealthy husband and four by the husband that just died.

• As she inspects the glassware, Poncia finds a glass that still has spots on it. The Servant says that she's scrubbed and scrubbed, but the specks won't come off.

• Poncia realizes that the bells are tolling to announce the last prayer.

• She goes to a window to listen and talks about how wonderful a singer the previous Sacristan was and then goes out.

• A Beggar Woman and her child come to the...

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