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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Connie Walsh say is Kathy's only recourse now that they know that Behrani will not give up the house?

2. What vow does Lester break on the day they go to the fish camp?

3. What does Kathy want that her husband Nick doesn't want her to have?

4. What is the Enemy Voice?

5. Why does Kathy buy a can of gasoline?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Behrani regret that he will soon sell the house?

2. What is the BEAST that Kathy has been taught to avoid?

3. Why is Kathy surprised when the officers come to evict her from her home?

4. When Behrani visualizes their happy future in America, his imagination goes beyond reality. What does he visualize that will never be possible?

5. Why is Kathy upset about the utility bills she gets in the mail?

6. In the first meeting between Behrani and Kathy, what does he advise her to do?

7. Do you think Lester's advice to Kathy when he helps her after the eviction is correct?

8. What happens to Kathy's Enemy Voice the last time she spends time with a married man?

9. Why does Kathy feel that everything she says has another side to it?

10. Why does Behrani feel that Soraya is right to disrespect him when he notices her behavior during her homecoming party?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The gun is an important symbol in this story. Those who are holding it sometimes feel stronger when they have it, sometimes weaker, as if it is a burden. In your essay, track the path of the gun from hand to hand, with the effect that it has on each person who carries it. Start with this thought: Do you think it is unusual that Lester would leave his gun with Kathy? Do policemen do such things under normal circumstances? What do you make of that occurrence?

Essay Topic 2

Do you agree with Nick that he and Kathy should not be parents? Why or why not? Use quotations and facts from the story to support your thesis.

Essay Topic 3

Events in Iran many years before the opening of this story shape the thinking of the characters in the present. The photo of Behrani with the shah is an important symbol in this story. In this essay, consider the effect of the photo on Nadereh, on Soraya, on Soraya's in-laws, on Lester, on Kathy, and on Behrani himself. Use quotations from the story in each instance.

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