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Have the class take parts as Kathy, Lester, Deputy Gleason, Doug, Carol, Kathy's mother, her brother Frank, and court officers, including a prosecuting attorney or team of attorneys, a defense attorney or attorneys, a bailiff to swear in witnesses, a judge, and a jury.

In this case, Kathy is being charged with inciting Lester to betray his family and his job, and ultimately to cause the death of the Behrani family. Using facts and quotations from the book, each side will try to establish that Kathy is or is not responsible for Lester's actions. Allow each individual and group time to prepare their cases, then proceed as a real court trial.


Draw a picture of the house as you imagine it.

Research Project

On the internet, learn about Shah Reza Pahlavi and SAVAK. Report your findings to the class, then discuss the implications for the Behrani...

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