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Essay Topic 1

Events in Iran many years before the opening of this story shape the thinking of the characters in the present. The photo of Behrani with the shah is an important symbol in this story. In this essay, consider the effect of the photo on Nadereh, on Soraya, on Soraya's in-laws, on Lester, on Kathy, and on Behrani himself. Use quotations from the story in each instance.

Essay Topic 2

Kathy spends a significant amount of time in the process of cleaning. She cleans others' houses, and her baths, showers, and changes of clothing are recorded; yet she frequently mentions that she feels dirty. Find instances in the story where Kathy talks about feeling clean/dirty. What do these events tell you about her?

Essay Topic 3

Kathy wears Nick's sunglasses and clothing stolen from her employer, drives a car her brother gave her, and uses Lester's gun. She...

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