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1. How does Clytemnestra say that Iphigenia died?

Clytemnestra says that they dragged Iphigenia to the place of sacrifice. They cut her hair with a rusty knife, and cut her in the process. Her wrists and ankles were tied. She was gagged to keep her from cursing her father. She was stabbed in order to appease the gods and bring the wind for her father's fleet.

2. How did Agamemnon get Clytemnestra and Iphigenia to come to him?

Agamemnon told Clytemnestra that he had arranged for Iphigenia to be married to one of his soldiers named Achilles. He asked that Clytemnestra, Iphigenia, and Orestes come to him. Then they would have the wedding. Clytemnestra believed him and she went to him with her children.

3. Who was to be in charge while Clytenmestra went to Agamemnon?

While Clytenmestra went to Agamemnon, Electra was to be in charge. The men who were left and who were too old to fight would advise. They would surround her with their care and wisdom. Electra was told listen to the elders.

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