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This symbolizes that change is possible. It is something that Agamemnon needs to continue his fight.

Iphigenia’s Murder

This is instigated because Agamemnon’s ships cannot sail without wind. It symbolizes the old belief in the gods and their role in the lives of humans.

The Old Woman’s Home

This is where Leander, Mitros, and Orestes spend many years after their escape from kidnappers.

The Old Woman’s Death

This person shelters and is cared for by Leander, Mitros, and Orestes. Her passing symbolizes leaving the past and moving toward the future.

Clothing and Make Up

Various characters take great care with their appearance for different ceremonies and occasions by using these.

The Sunken Garden

This is the place where Electra and Iphigenia share secrets. It is also the place where Clytemnestra is murdered.

The Revolt

This is something that always threatens Mycenae and Leander...

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