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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 - Clytemnestra)


The objective of this lesson is to examine Clytemnestra's revenge, and what the author reveals to readers about vengeance. Clytemnestra is devastated when her husband murders their daughter. When she is imprisoned, she has time to plot revenge against her husband.


Class Discussion: Why did Clytemnestra go to Agamemnon with Iphigenia and Orestes? How did Agamemnon betray Clytemnestra and Iphigenia? What did he tell Clytemnestra when she begged him to change his mind? Why did he claim that he had no choice but to kill Iphigenia? How was killing Iphigenia supposed to help him go to battle? What thought did Clytemnestra begin to have when she was imprisoned in the pit? Why did she decide that she needed to pursue revenge? What consumes Clytemnestra when she returns home? How does she carefully plan every detail of her husband's death? How does she execute her plans...

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