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Chapter 1 - Clytemnestra

• Clytemnestra beings her story by saying that she is acquainted with the smell of death.

• She gave orders for bodies to be left in the sun for a day or two until they became a stench.

• She talks about murder executed with a knife to the throat.

• Then Clytemnestra remembers what went before the bodies were set outside.

• Agamemnon asked Clytemnestra to come to him, and leave their 15-year-old daughter, Electra to rule with the help of the elders.

• He told her that he had arranged for their 16-year-old daughter, Iphigenia to be married to Achilles, one of his soldiers.

• Clytemnestra travelled to Agamemnon with Iphigenia and Orestes, her eight-year-old son.

• When she arrived, she learned from Achilles that Iphigenia was not to be married, but she was to be sacrificed.

• Agamemnon had consulted the gods, and he believed that in order to get the...

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