House of Leaves Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Mark Z. Danielewski
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Essay Topic 1

Will Navidson has an interesting and unusual relationship with his immediate family. First, describe Will's relationship to his partner, Karen, and their two children Daisy and Chad. Then, give at least two examples of the way Will treats his family, and explain how these examples strengthen your initial argument about Will's relationship with his family.

Essay Topic 2

Filmmaking is, arguably, the most important aspect of Will Navidson's life. First, describe the two movie trailers that opened the novel "House of Leaves." Why do you think Danielewski chose to open his novel this way, and how does this opening explain the character of Will Navidson? Then, explain how the opening trailers of the novel foreshadow what would be the themes of the text as a whole.

Essay Topic 3

Zampano is a mysterious character who creeps around Lude's apartment building. First, describe Zampano as Lude remembers him. Then...

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