House of Leaves Character Descriptions

Mark Z. Danielewski
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Johnny Truant

This character loses both parents at a young age and is forced into the foster care system; later in life, this character frequents bars, has regular one-night stands, and becomes obsessed with writings found in an old trunk.

Holloway Roberts

This character is a professional hunter and explorer, is very confident, has a lot of courage, but is sometimes thought to be too controlling.

Will Navidson

This character is a filmmaker who purchased the house in Virginia and found the strange doors and hallways that simply appear out of nowhere.

Karen Green

This character was a victim of sexual abuse as a child and suffers from debilitating claustrophobia as an adult.

Tom Navidson

This character is a construction worker who passes time by drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking marijuana on a daily basis.


This character is an elderly person who dies mysteriously, leaving...

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